4/28/06 Encore Breaks Ground

Details include a beach-style pool club which is reminiscent of Steve Wynn's haunt in St. Tropez. He said the weather is the issue with having a pool-based club in Vegas. This pool will have a retractable glass roof. The area will be heated in the winter, air conditioned in the summer and left open in the spring and fall.

The curved tower will be of the same glass and white stripe design as Wynn Las Vegas and will be turned with its concave side facing the north strip. Encore at Wynn Las Vegas is scheduled to open between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2008.

Once Encore opens, Wynn plans to go ahead with his plans to redevelop the golf course. The plans call for at least four boutique hotels which will surround a large lake. The existing employee parking garage (bordering Encore's north side) will be demolished and that area will be used to act as the Strip entrance to the new development.

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