If there's one show on the Las Vegas Strip that's guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for adventure, it's "Tournament of Kings" at Excalibur. Guests enjoy the action-packed medieval production while enjoying a delicious dinner which includes Dragon's Blood (a.k.a. tomato soup), Cornish hen, potato wedges and other tasty items that don't require utensils. Guests are seated around a dirt arena under banners from each of the countries. They are encouraged to cheer for the knights wearing their banner's colors.

The story line of "Tournament of Kings" revolves around a gathering of the kings of Europe, hosted by Britain's King Arthur. The kings of France, Russia, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Spain and Austria join Arthur for a feast and a friendly, but competitive, display of their equestrian and jousting skills.

Real horses are ridden in jousting runs, using lances with exploding tips.