Similar to an old Western, the Sunset Stampede at Sam's Town transports visitors back in time through the use of water, lasers, lights and animation.

The eight-minute show begins with the plaintive howl of an animatronic wolf, which suddenly appears at the top of the mountain. The wolf is joined by other wildlife, including a bear and an eagle.

The fountains come alive, shooting up to eight stories high and dancing along to a symphonic score recorded especially for Sam's Town by the Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra. The show chronicles the Western pioneer experience.

Sunset Stampede is located in Mystic Falls Park, a 25,000-square-foot live forest within an atrium. There is plenty of room for viewing the show, although those standing up front are likely to get a bit wet. A bar situated in the middle of the park provides a good vantage point while offering onlookers the chance to stay dry.

Once the show concludes, Mystic Falls becomes peaceful once more. Filled with lush foliage, cascading waterfalls and a babbling brook, the spot is the ideal location for relaxation. Wooden benches are scattered throughout the park, providing a place to sit and take in the view. And for those interested in a leisurely stroll, stone walkways lined with rustic hanging lanterns weave their way through the park.