Ever wonder how they do that? Visitors can now take a behind-the-scenes tour of Star Trek: The Experience and learn how the Klingon Encounter and BORG Invasion 4D attractions give visitors the feeling that they truly have been transported to another space and time.

Some of the attraction's most guarded secrets (how guests are "transported" to the Starship Enterprise, the meaning of coded messages throughout the paneling on both rides, a one-of-a-kind view of the motion rides in action) are revealed on the tour as visitors are invited to explore once-classified areas of the attraction and discover the magic and mystery that make up Star Trek: The Experience.

During Star Trek: The Experience -- Secrets Unveiled, guests are guided throughout the facility by two tour ambassadors with the help of individual headsets and walkie-talkies. Some of the stops along the way are the Star Trek Museum, the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and the dressing room where actors become a variety of fearsome lifeforms.

Each tour is unique, and what guests have a chance to see depends on timing and the various opportunities that present themselves. Because of this, the length of the tour sometimes exceeds an hour. Star Trek: The Experience -- Secrets Unveiled concludes with a presentation of certificates to participants and a chance to sign the tour guest book.

It's probably a good idea to go on the rides at Star Trek: The Experience before you take the tour, it gives you better insight, but it's not necessary. And whether or not you are a Trekkie, you will soon understand how Star Trek has outlasted the test of time and retained such a devoted following.