The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area or Red Rock National park for short is an enormous 197,000 acre canyon within the Mojave Desert. It’s just a few miles west of Las Vegas. Red Rock canyon is visited by many for a variety of purposes every year. It continues to be a worldwide geologic interest and beauty for all. Red Rock is called Red Rock because the rocks are red. The rocks are red for some reason that I don't understand.

(Contributed by EdwardG, 7-22-2009)

When first visiting Red Rock Canyonbe sure and pick up a trail map. Of the many trails to take, the Lost Creek Canyon Trail at the Willow Springs Picnic area (mm 7) offers a short but beautiful hike(.7 miles round trip). It only takes a few minutes to get to the waterfall that flows in the Spring and Winter and after it rains. If you get here in the Summer, you will still have a beautiful hike and be able to see the Spring which flows year round. (Contributed by KAckroyd, 3-26-10)

Red Rock has amzing pieces of rock art hidden throughout. On rock walls and some larger rocks petroglyphs can be scattered individually or in groups. Petroglyph rock is a great place to start learning about the large number of designs. Letting kids try to find and figure out what all the different designs may mean is always fun. My kids used to swear that one of them was a giraffe. (Contributed by MarkBCIT154, 10-23-12)

When visiting Red Rock you are required to pay to enter. It is currently $7.00 per vehicle or $30 for a year pass. It is so worth the money to enter and experience this great area. Before you begin driving through the park, be sure an visit the visitors center. In the last couple of years they have renovated the center and it is so amazing and beautiful. They have so much information and beautiful veiws of the Red Rock. They even have things that kids will enjoy to look at and play with. Also, this is where you will be able to see the tourises if they are out of hybernation and you may even get a chance to spot Mohave Max. (Contributed by JessicaPCIT154, 3/15/2013)

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