Recycled Percussion NEW! at The Quad Hotel & Casino00:33

Recycled Percussion NEW! at The Quad Hotel & Casino


Recycled Percussion was born in 1995, when Justin Spencer performed for his high school talent show. Inspridered by the street and subway perfomers on the street in New York City, Justin continued to expand his show by adding more objects and more flair to his performance. When Recycled Percussion was featured on the cover of USA Today in 1999, the band's performance went from local talent shows to being an East Coast hit.

By 2001 Recycled Percussionw as on the road and began performing an average of 250+ shows a year. In addition, the band continued to push the envelope and break records with the college entertainment market with awards and recognition on a yearly basis. As the band continued its climb to rockstardom, they began performing at half-time shows for major sports leagues, and even some major coporations were climbing over each other to experience their unique sound.

Behind disk 7

Recycled Percussion

For over 10 years, Recycled Percussion toured the country, until they landed a spot on the TV show America's Got Talent. After beating out over 100,000 acts, the band made it to the semi-finals, becoming one of the first non-singing act to make it to the top 3 in the show's history! This TV exposure brought endless possibilities, like opportunities to go all across the country, the world, and even worked with TV legend Jerry Springer on a live version of America's Got Talent in Las Vegas.

Recycled Percussion is now without a doubt the best and most interactive show on the Las Vegas Strip. Audiences are given a drum stick and a recycled "instrument" and although participation is not required for the show, there are bits where the audience is asked to interact with the band. Recycled Percussion is now residing inside The Quad Showroom, inside the Quad Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas, NV.

This show is part of the David Saxe Productions show line up.


Nightly at the Quad Showroom at 7:00pm, dark Fridays.


Online box office

David Saxe Productions

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