The Brew Pub, located at the Monte Carlo, is one of the largest breweries in the nation and was the first one located in a resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

The beer there is brewed three to four times per week and bottled two or three times a month. Each year, the Brew Pub produces more than 3,000 barrels, or 93,000 gallons, of its signature beer that includes Silver State Stout, Jackpot Pale and an ever-changing Brewmaster Special. Each beer is aged in specially designed fermentors for as little as 14 days, or up to 60 days or longer, depending on the type of beer.

The beer is bottled on-site using a state-of-the-art machine consisting of a bottle rinser, labler and bottle filler. Guests are invited to view each step of the brewing and bottling process and can buy specialty six-packs to take home.

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