Formerly called the Desert Passage, this shopping mall's ceiling is painted to look like the sky and the shop's outlines look like an Arabian marketplace. There are 1.2 miles of shops here, including shops of major designers and other upscale stores. Located at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile shops is a big circle of shops after shops. It has the very popular Urban Outfitters that is 3 stories tall. It has just about everything you could be looking for. Victoria's Secret is another popular store which is right next to an H&M across from an American Apparel. If you can't find what you are looking for in one store, chances are you will within the next store down. Steve madden, Aldo, and Bakers are some of the best shoes stores there, everything from a nice flat to high flashy pumps can be found in each one of those stores.

In addition to top brands for the shopoholic, the Miracle Mile Shops also has its own theaters: V Theater and Saxe Theater , located right inside. Together, the theaters have over 13 different shows, ranging from family friendly, to adults only. They have shows playing every day of the week, so you can't go wrong with whatever day you happen to be in town. The V Theater is also home to Stripper 101 , Vegas' #1 pole dancing class (Sorry! You must be 18 and older to enter).

Right outside the Miracle Mile Shops is the Harmon Corner , where you can find even more eats, and even a convenient 2-story Walgreens where you can buy whatever you forgot (ie: Sunscreen, flip flops, water, etc) and don't feel like paying the marked up prices of a hotel giftshop.

The Miracle Mile shops doesn't have fast food nor does each dish have to be over twenty dollars. You can go to the popular Pink's, a California based hotdog restaurant and order a Kim Kardashian dog. Trust me, they know what that means. Earl of Sandwich is an amazing and quick sandwich fix you were looking for. In the mood for Mexican food? La Salsa is your place. Good ol American food? Fresh Grill is near by as well as Sbarro. Don't worry though, Fat Tuesday has all the drinks you need as well as the Halo Bar located right in the middle of the mall. Once you have finished shopping, you can go out the bug glass doors and be on the Las Vegas Boulevard strip in no time! It's a circle of great shops, yummy food, great shows and convenience all in one. And with its prime location at the heart of the Strip, right across from the Aria and the Bellagio , you can't miss it!