A multi-level stone and nature habitat featuring a pride of lions. A thick glass tunnel runs through the habitat for guests to experience the lions prowling on either side, above and below them. Admission is free. See lions playing, sleeping, lounging and interacting with the handlers. This 5,000 square foot glass enclosed habitat has a simulated jungle with a waterfall. The lions are not trained to perform tricks, but do like playing with bowling balls thrown to them, and are directed only by voice and hand commands from the handlers. This very popular attraction can be found inside of the MGM Grand's main casino.

The lions never spend more than six hours a day in this habitat, they actually live on a ranch just outside of Las Vegas and are trucked in for their appearances. Also available for an additional fee are pictures of you with lion cubs.

When: Daily 11 a.m to 10 p.m.

Located at the MGM Grand Hotel.