A segment of Star Trek: The Experience. From the moment it begins, you are aware that the Klingon Encounter is unlike most simulator rides. As part of a group of visitors you are preparing for a tour aboard the USS Enterprise when things go terribly wrong. Suddenly, the entire group has been "accidentally" beamed onto the ship through a gap in the time/space continuum. And as you are ushered onto the ship's deck, the Enterprise comes under attack by several Klingon warships. The Klingons have discovered that someone in your group is an "ancestor" of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and demand the passenger be handed over to them immediately. The Federation Crew hurries to return the visitors to where they came from, so as not to disrupt history and the Picard family line. But can they get everyone out safely while being attacked by the Klingons? Or will the Klingons have their way and change history? Throughout the attraction "Next Generation" stars Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton make appearances as Commander William Riker and Lieutenant Geordi LaForge via video, making this journey even more incredible.

Shuttle ride: 4 minutes; complete experience: 22 minutes. Ride technology projects the film activity on the ride in front of, overhead and on the left and right side of the rider. The ride also features the only six axis simulator in a domed theater to create a realistic journey. In addition, you can now take a souvenir photo in the Captain's Chair on the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise.