When three good looking, sexy young people work together in close quarters to design S & M fashions, you never know what might happen. The harmony of the workplace might even be disrupted by the emergence of a love triangle.

The women at the center of the story, Helena and Jesse, own a company that designs sexy fashions and have their own girl-on-girl romance going on the side. Everything is fine in their world until they hire suave European designer Antonio to create a new line of S & M apparel for the company. Both ladies take a romantic interest in handsome Antonio. Then it's a race, with one seduction attempt after another.

"Fashionistas" is based on a 2002 pornographic film of the same name, but involves no nudity whatsoever. It was created by John Stagliano, who adapted the film into the big-budget Las Vegas show. The show has played at Krave nightclub since 2004.

Scenes in the three-act "Fashionistas" are devoted mainly to the love triangle involving the three main actors -- and to a series of fashion shows revealing the ultra sexy designs they create. One of the highlights of the show is a scene that features Jesse and Helena sharing an intimate boudoir scene performed to the strains of the Evanescence song "My Immortal".

The cast of "Fashionistas" numbers 20 (13 women and 7 men). At times during the production, dancers can be seen twirling gracefully while suspended over the audience, clinging to straps known as silks. The effect of having so much action both on the stage and over the rows of seats is to make it seem like the production has a cast of many dozen performers.

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