Singer-impressionist Danny Gans is being called one of the best in the business and his show is one of the hottest tickets in town. He entertains crowds in the gorgeous 1,260-seat theater that was custom designed, built and named for the headliner at the Mirage. In addition to possessing the ability to delivery accurate impressions, he also has a Broadway-quality singing voice and a remarkable knack for comedy. His show is filled with lyrics that poke good-natured fun at some of teh world's biggest celebrities set to musical arrangements. Gans plays a variety of musical instruments and is quite a dancer, as well.

Gans impersonates anywhere from 60 and 100 celebrity personalities in any one performance, allowing the taste of the audience to guide his choice of characters. The cast could include Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Foxworthy, Frank Sinatra, and Bono of U2. It's a non-stop parade of stars, delivered solely by Gans.

Gans' show was beyond entertaining. He was a very talented entertainer. Those who were fortunate enough to have seen one of his shows prior to his death on 5/1/2009 should consider themselves lucky to have had the experience. (Contributed by Bryan-CIT198, 3-30-2011)

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