Bonnie Springs Ranch and Interactive Petting Zoo are a fun and educational destination for the whole family. It is located in Red Rock Canyon just ten minutes west of Las Vegas. Bonnie Springs is a non-profit organization that donates to Friends of Red Rock Canyon and Community Cat Coalition. The winter operating hours are 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Bonnie Springs activities include:

On weekends, visitors can ride the miniature train form the lower parking lot to Old Town.

Old Nevada- Where they have performances ranging from gunfights, hangings, and live comedy skits. The backdrop is set up as an old western style town.

Restaurant- For all your dining and snack needs, they offer the best in down home cooking.

Stables- Horseback riding, pony rides, horse boarding facilities. Groups are welcome.

Motel- Themed rooms inspire a nostalgic trip through time.

Petting Zoo- The whole family can enjoy visiting a large variety of animals. A fawn , rooster, and the occasional bunny are allowed to walk freely within the petting zoo area.

Group functions and weddings are welcome. Call (702)875-4191 to schedule an event.

For people that live on the Northwest side of town, the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary is a great place for kids and adults as well. The sancutuary is a home to a lot of different animals including: mini horses, donkeys, peacocks, birds, emus, and many more. It also offers a petting zoo area.

The GNS is a non-profit organization that strives in creating a safe home for the animals. Adjacent to the GNS, there is the Gilcrease Orchards, covering over 50 acres with apple, pear and peach trees.

The GNS is a learning experience for children and adults as well.

Entry donations are: $1.00 for children and $5 for adults. For more information, please call GNS at (702) 645-4224.

T. Torres, Las Vegas NV

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